You bet’cha!  And that happens to be one of the best parts! After your transactions from your linked cards are processed, you’ll be able to see right where each donation went in your Inspired app. 

You can see your donations in a few ways!

  • On your Inspired app home screen, you’ll have a list of your five most recently sparked donations and where you sparked them from!  
  • Tap into any of your projects, you’ll see how many donations you sparked for that specific project.  
  • Donations are sparked after your linked card transactions have been fully processed, but we also show you a total count of donations that are on their way based on your linked card pending transactions.

Not only is it important to know where the money is going, but it’s important to know that the project was a success. So, from time to time you’ll get to see updates and pics from those that the Inspired community has supported. 🤗

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